Wednesday, March 2, 2011

this is me~


This post, i dedicated to someone that is closer to me
someone that always be with me through happy and sad
InsyaAllah with God's will, we will be friends forever

tetiba rasa cam berjiwang sedikit
tetiba nak reflect some of my actions that might hurt someone
first of all,
thanks for listening to my crazy story this evening
well, i have a bad swing-ing mood today
and thanks for the not-so bernas punya idea^^
its hard to say....
but im glad you were there when i need you
arigatou gozaimasu *bows*


and then, just now you told me about something you worried so much
and i act tough/harsh on you
im so sorry
if you think i dont care enough
that's the way that i think i can cheer you up
by saying something foolish=p
and all those words
i really didnt mean at all
so, genki da ne^^

p/s: buat awakla cik _ _ _ _  oi!!!!^^..tetiba rasa nak tulis something pada awak=D

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