Friday, June 20, 2014

Reality vs Dream

People's expectation vs your dream.


What are you supposed to do when everyone around you expect you to stay on the path that has been laid for you?.....before you finally realized that it is not something you want to do in the future, but something else.

And that 'something else' is not what everyone expect you to do, because it is full with hardships and obstacles and difficulties (and not as glamorous as what you are currently doing). is what you finally realized what you have been missing all along. A dream.

Meanwhile, the road that has been laid for you, is already there, with less hardships and obstacles and difficulties and also glamorous (according to what everyone around you said). is not what you want to do for your whole life.

And again, is everything that you've been asking yourself, a dream and also a reality, is it really a dilemma or is it actually just a mind trick to make you confused?

p/s: Being a rebellious at this age? pfffttt.....riddddiculous