Saturday, July 11, 2015

Andai itu takdirnya

I want to tell you a story, and please pardon my English.

This is a story about a girl that had a crush on her senior for a long time. She met this guy, her senior in the new school when she got transferred there. Its not love at the first sight but as time passed, she learnt that he was kind of guy she wanted as a husband. She did made her first move and they became friends, but due to her insecurities, she immaturely ended their relationship. As they lost contact, she regretted her decision and she kept praying that one day she will meet him again. It turned out, they met again as they studied in a same university and coincidentally both of them joined the program their university organized. She had the chance to see how much time had changed him to a better person, and realized that she fell for the same guy again. After that day, she tried to keep her distance as she didnt want to repeat the same mistakes she did when they were in school so she had been watching him from a far. She also didnt want to be so forward, because she afraid she might get rejected. She realized it wont get any better if she let things passed without doing something to change it so she had been preparing herself to try for a confession. She never thought she would lost her chance forever when one day she received a news that he had passed away. He had returned to his Creator, and she knew that now she wont be able to see him again anymore.

She prepared herself that he might marry someone else, but to lose him that way? She knew she had to accept it. She prayed that he would have peace there, and hoping one day her broken heart could be healed because she had been liking him for a very long time.

P/S: Al-Fatihah for him.
P/S: I know it sounds cheesy but oh well...

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