Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Korean drama-Dong Yi


Last two weeks, I managed to watch 60 episodes of Saeguk drama (history-based drama), despite all stuffs with writing thesis...hehehe....Tambahan, with 60 freaking hours to complete....erghhh.....

Kalau nak tahu pasal cerita ni, silalah google atau tengok sendiri.Wiki Dong Yi (TV Series)

Drama ni basically berdasarkan real life figure Concubine Choi Dong Yi, salah seorang isteri King Sukjong (pemerintah yang ke-19) pada Joseon Dynasty. Casted by Han Hyo Joo (Choi Dong Yi), Ji Jin Hee (King Sukjong) dan lain2.

Honestly, untuk habiskan 60 episodes dalam masa 3 hari bukan senang, kalau tak kerana aku banyak lompat. Part2 boring macam perbincangan politik antara King Sukjong dan menteri2 aku banyak skip. At least daripada 60 minutes dapat kurang kepada 30 minutes. Hehe....

Aku tak nak cerita pasal jalan cerita, boleh google je....just nak comment sedikit pasal drama ni. Firstly, disebabkan cerita inilah Im turning into Saeguk lover. Before Dong Yi, pernah tengok Sungkyukwan Scandal, Rooftop Prince dan Princess Man, tapi tengok je, part history buat tak kisah. Tapi lepas tengok Dong Yi, memang habis-habisan google pasal King Sukjong serta isteri2. Secondly, lagu yang sangat syahdu. Walking in a dreamy road by Jang Nara. Somehow her voice fits perfectly, with sorrowful melody and lyrics, it just PERFECT! Thirdly, costume serta istana yang cantik!

Finally, of course our main pairing, King Sukjong and Dong Yi. Despite her status as a slave, King Sukjong cant help but to fall in love with a very hardworking and honest girl like Dong Yi and also offer her to become a Queen. Or so what the drama showed. Did I mentioned, I had withdrawal syndrome? A syndrome where you cannot get over something and in my case, its Dong Yi. Its been two weeks, and I keep playing the OST and I did watched some scenes from the drama. Not to mention I read all recaps, wikipedia or anything about Dong Yi, fictional and real life. *sigh* I guess I can graduate with thesis entitled "Korean History, Dong Yi: Truth or Fictional?"

This curiosity of mine, made me read everything I can read about them (Dong Yi, King Sukjong, queens and concubines). The more I read the more frustrated I become. Dalam drama ni, Dong Yi digambarkan sebagai seorang wanita yang paling disayangi oleh King Sukjong, of course after King Sukjong realized Jang Hui Bin's ambitions and greed (King Sukjong's another concubine). Dong Yi even refused to become a queen for the sake of the Crown Prince (Jang Hui Bin's son) and Prince Yeon Ing (Dong Yi's son). Tapi most blogs mentioned yang King Sukjong had another concubine after Dong Yi, and he even evicted Dong Yi out of palace although no reason recorded in history (not sure kalau ada). This frustration came from the fact that King Sukjong doesnt love Dong Yi the way he showed in the drama. Of course drama is drama, what did you expect from something that human create and a twist of history? But still.....I kinda get hooked up with Ji Jin Hee's character as King Sukjong. His love towards Dong Yi is or was so great that he even suggested to run away with Dong Yi because everyone around him cannot accept Dong Yi as she came from a slave status. Thats why history and drama shouldnt be mixed. A crazy drama lover like me, cannot accept the reality. *sighs*

And now here I am, cannot accept anything yet cannot get over with it...

I guess if you want to know the truth you have to summon the death, LOL....

Nak sangat tahu kenapa King Sukjong ada concubine lain selain Dong Yi. Nak sangat tahu kenapa Dong Yi diperintah keluar istana sedangkan at that time concubine kena tinggal dalam istana, kecuali selepas King mati. Nak sangat tahu betul ke Prince Yeon Ing bukanlah anak kesayangan King Sukjong, tidak seperti yang digambarkan dalam drama?

Everything feels so frustrated since dalam drama, the best moments bila Dong Yi ada dengan King Sukjong. Eventhough they are just talking or walking or solving cases, everything seems so heartwarming, sweet. Then bila read those posts (which I dont know if its the truth or not), but still.....rasa kecewa. Maybe I expect too much from King Sukjong? hahaha.....

Well, hopefully I can recover from this withdrawal syndrome soon, or else Im gonna be a shut in forever. LOL. Drama, drama jugak. Writing tetap kena teruskan *sigh*

p/s: bila writing, tengok WORDS 5 minutes, lagha 5 jam. Bila nak siap?
Maybe I should change major? Korean history anyone?

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